SME Mail Server
Now Plesk fully supports Dovecot mail server as a fast and efficient alternative to Courier for IMAP and POP3. With Dovecot sieve rules support, users can now set up server-based email filtering in mobile-friendly Horde and Roundcube webmail programs. Now it is also possible to set up out-of-office auto-replies directly in webmail.

Plesk 17.x presents security improvements for server services and customer websites. This becomes possible with the help of two well known third-party security applications: Fail2Ban, intrusion detection and IP banning system, and ModSecurity, the Web Application Firewall (WAF).
SME Mail Server Hosting Plan

  • ₹ 750 / month
10 GB Space
50 Mail Boxes
Flexible Mailbox Size
Single Domain Hosting
Premium Anti-spam Filter
Unlimited Traffic
POP / IMAP / Webmail

Pricing Details

  • Pricing per month is based on annual contract only
  • Service Tax Extra for all the above plans (@15 %)
  • Service specification & pricing subject to change without notice

Server Details

  • Server : Dell Poweredge servers
  • Location: Singapore / USA
  • Server OS : CENTOS

Plan Features

  • Control panel to administer
  • Email Alias, Forwarding, Grouping
  • Catch all
  • Managed Support
  • Web Statistics

Managed Support

  • Container boot related issues
  • Hardware related issues
  • Setup and Configuration
  • OS updates and patches
  • Login issues
  • RDNS configuration
  • Installation and Basic FW support
  • Control Panel Installation