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  • Secure Remote Desktop
  • Run Windows Application on Web
  • Best Citrix/RDS Alternative
  • Call - 98410 73179 for versions and pricing
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TSPLUS Secure Remote AccessFeatures

Application Delivery

TSplus is the best Citrix/RDS Alternative for Remote Desktop and Web Access

Remote Access

TSplus enables any of your Windows from Windows 7 to 10 Pro and Server 2008 to 2019 to act as a Citrix or a Terminal Server.


TSplus supports concurrent Remote Desktop (RDS) connections,Admin Tool is a unique application that control all the configurations

Scalable technology

Reliable, scalable and built-in HTTPS Web Server and SSH server enables you to connect fully securely from any web browser with SSH Tunneling

Web Access

TSplus built-in HTTP Web Server enables you to connect from any web browser: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera...

Application Publishing

Publish applications for a selection of users and/or groups and they will have access only to their applications

TSPLUS Enterprise Licenses

Enterprise Edition


  • TSPLUS Enterprise Edition
  • Minimum 3 Users
  • Access TSplus Secure Portal
  • Access TSplus Mobile App
  • Advanced RDS & Publishing
  • Permanent license per Server
  • GST Applicable
Call - 98410 73179

TSPLUS Editions Tsplus offers 5 Editions - Call 98410 73179 for pricing

System Edition

TSplus System Edition - Representing the fundamentals of secure Remote Access and Application Publishing.

Printer Edition

The Printer Edition is including all features of the System Edition. It adds the TSplus Universal Printer

Mobile Web Edition

Publish your applications and Remote Desktops through TSplus Secure Portal or access them with Mobile App

Enterprise Edition

Easy management. Robust security. Cross-Platform compatibility. TSplus Enterprise Edition brings scalability.

Enterprise Plus

Cyber crime is one of the greatest threats to an online business. Enterprise Plus will protect your TSplus servers

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TSplus offers 5 editions that are progressively feature filled. Call - 98410 73179 for more details and pricing